Fast-track Innovation and Long-term Client Relationships built around a deeper, broader, better, more actionable understanding of customers, employees, voters, contributors  etc.

We can show you why they decide what they decide and how they value what they value – and how you can use that understanding to better communicate, inform, motivate, and persuade.

Our specialty is understanding how customers, consumers – Americans one and all – make the decisions they make and why they value what they value – in the market, on the job, in the voting booth, in the Economy, at retail, in the future – and more. In particular, how this varies based on Eight Primal Decision Typologies (American Cultureographies) and across the six contemporaneous American generations (The Gen6 Factor).

Our approach provides an uncommonly actionable new platform for communicating with, influencing, and persuading Americans of all stripes, persuasions, and dispositions. Our typical engagements can last a single day or years of collaborative value.

Our mission

Better Front-end Thinking Leads to Better Ideas and Better Outcomes.. and it starts with better fuel for thought and involves better processes for thinking out loud together

The insights and processes we make available to clients are grounded in original, proprietary, research encompassing more than 35,000 respondents. They are supplemented by hundreds of focus-group participants. They are the product of more than thirty years of experience helping companies large, medium, and small to better understand their markets, challenges, and opportunities and create more productive strategies for innovation. They are the result of a mind, a mindset, and a process that ends up in a different place because it starts out in a different place.

How We Get You There: Better Insights and Better Processes

We Specialize in better insights, better strategies, better customer knowledge and better processes for strategies and tactics that are universally applicable and actionable

We are not limited to any particular industry nor discipline. If it has to do with communicating with, persuading, or motivating people, we can help with external audiences as readily as with internal audiences.

We work with the largest corporations, with medium and small businesses, with associations, and with not-for-profit organizations – building insights, visions, innovation, strategies, and executable tactics for marketing, communications, and motivation.