Retailing in America 2.0 – Innovative Strategy to Build Brand at the Point of Sale

Most Retailers are Missing a Huge Opportunity to Support and even Build their Brands at the Point of Sale. Instead, they inadvertently diminish them

In 2011, record numbers of retailers experienced improved sales revenues but saw profits dwindle -mostly due to deep discounting that generated volume at the expense of margin.

The long-lasting impact of the strategy is likely to go far beyond mere profit attrition. It will strike at the heart of brand value at retail and diminish the shopper’s willingness to pay more for “better” brands.

As a three-time highest-rated presenter at Global Shop and consultant to retailers, brands at retail, and retail marketing agencies, John Krubski has a solution to brand attrition at POS.

Ask yourself the basic question: “If the point of sale were your only means for building your brand, what would you do differently?” The answer should be “A lot!”

We have developed a creative and executional approach that addresses these issues. It is called BRAND ACTIVE SHOPPER COMMUNICATIONS and we would love to share the concept with you.

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