Fresh Insights: Owning, Managing, or Marketing to Small Business in America

America’s Small Businesses are not merely big business wannabe’s – they are a less than perfectly understood and critical aspect of what makes America America

America is America because it is peopled by so many Disenfranchised Diligent Optimists. Small Business owners are at the forefront of our Economy because they are the essence of Disenfranchised Diligent Optimists.

If you want to run your own business better or if you aim to market goods and services to small businesses – our insights and consulting can put you on a better platform for doing either or both.

Small Business USA accounts for half of the Economy and most of net new job growth. Yet the business of small business is not well understood by owners and managers themselves, nor by small and large companies who target small businesses as customers – and least of all by legislators who create the environment within which Small Business America must operate.

John Krubski is a serial entrepreneur, having started his own advertising agency at the age of 24. He understands what it is to be a small business owner first-hand. He has also worked in very large corporations and can benchmark BIG vs SMALL in ways that few others can.┬áMoreover, he consults with dozens of small businesses each year and has made a study of what makes US small businesses “tick.”

As creator of the Guardian ┬áLife Index of What Matters Most to America’s Small Business Owners, he is also privileged to access a large, original, and proprietary database focusing on what matters most to SBO’s. He is a Top 100 resource for Vistage and TEC members, and a thought leader on the subject.


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