The America Code – in Marketing, Management, Politics, Economics, and more

Americans may or may not be better than other nations – but we are decidedly different in how we do almost everything – and that’s because of The America Code

What makes America America and Americans Americans is a fundamental American nature – a unique American operating system. In the course of extensively researching why consumers make the decisions they make and why they value what they value , John Krubski has uncovered and dimensionalized this code. The findings illuminate how Americans function as consumers, as employees, as voters, as contributors to the Economy…. and more.

Based on more than 35,000 respondents, our unique data and findings provide actionable insights that can help improve marketing, management, communication, persuasion, and motivation aimed at Americans. An original primal segmentation of American decisioning models and an innovative, holistic perspective on six contemporary American generations provide fuel for meaningfully differentiating ways to understand, communicate with, persuade and motivate Americans in all aspects of their daily lives.

the book: Cracking the America Code; A Plan to Get US Back on Track

Published (8/1/2012)

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